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Have you ever wondered what it would have been like to take part in a constitutional convention, to have had the opportunity to help write a charter, one that reflects your political ideology and determines how a society functions?

U.S. Constitution, radified 1789

Here you will have the opportunity to do exactly that through one of two ways:

  • Help create a Charter (known as a "manifesto," in some cultures) that defines all aspects of a society that reflects your ideology. Together with other users here, you will define the duties of government, the rights of it's citizens and the means through which these rights are ensured and these duties are fulfilled. In effect, the Ideological Charter is your view of how society should be organized.

Constitution of Russia, 1993.

Of course, as with any massive cooperative undertaking, there are bound to be many disagreements. If you would like to help minimize this, it is best to work with others of like-minded political philosophy.

Don't know where you stand on the Political spectrum? One way to determine your political philosophy is by taking the Political Compass Test or the World's Smallest Political Quiz. Both are libertarian-sponsored tests designed to plot your political philosophy on a graph. (Note: These test have been criticized.)

You can also check out other politics-related Wikia, such as Right Wing, Socialism, Left Space and Libertarian.

Things to remember:

  • This Wikia is used by an INTERNATIONAL audience.
  • Please do not vandalize pages about philosophies with which you disagree.
  • This isn't the place to discuss electoral politics or current events. Please limit discussions to ONLY general statements of principles of governance.

Collaborative Constitutions[]

  • Anonymous Constitution - not in the sense of being affiliated with any hackers, or anyone else, but simply in the sense that its authors choose not to release their names. This constitution, being developed in tandem to Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Boston, Occupy San Fransisco, events in other cities, and individuals all around the world, via the internet, is an attempt at a concrete picture of the world we are fighting for. Everyone is free to edit it, alter it, and distribute it without any permission from anyone.
  • Universal Constitution - The objective of this constitution is to be universal in the sense that it would be applicable to every person in the world, and not limited to specific countries, geography, creeds or ideologies.

Ideological Charters[]

Progressive/Liberal/Libertarian Left - Libertarian Right - Centrist/Nonpartisan - Conservative
Authoritarian Right - Authoritarian Left/Statist/Socialst

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